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Fuku O Tsukuru

Client: Faces Publishing  Year: 2014

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Rapt // Karen O // 3,925 plays

Love is soft
Love’s a fucking bitch
Do I really need
Another habit like you?

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"We Won’t Fight Another Rich Man’s War!!!" - Vietnam Veterans Against the War, circa 1970.

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Hiding // Pianos Become the Teeth // 27,017 plays


"And I know, but you can’t stay angry forever, or so I’m told."

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Lauren Henkin, Charleston

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Known for his uplifting, large-scale photographic portraits of ordinary people, French artistJR recently travelled to New York’s Ellis Island for a site-specific project on the famed historical site. The island once housed the largest immigrant processing center in the nation, filtering millions of newcomers to the States from the 1890s through the 1950s. Ellis Island now houses an immigration museum, though parts of it have been left untouched. JR was invited to reinvigorate the destitute, abandoned buildings on the island’s south side with his project “Unframed — Ellis Island,” opening to the public on October 1. Read more on Hi-Fructose.

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Tom Fruin: Neon Nooses 2013. Natalie Kates Projects, Miami, Florida

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West Side Popsicle, 2013.
Gary Gray

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This is definitely my aesthetic

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