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Beppe Giacobbe (Italy)

Beppe Giacobbe graduated from the Academy of Fine Arts in Milan and then continued his studies in New York at the School of Visual Arts.  Although eventually returning to Milan, Beppe’s palette reflects the lights of his beloved homeland of Sicily. Beppe’s work is regularly winning awards in all the major U.S. and Italian annuals. Beppe is especially pleased that United Airlines currently includes his work in their illustrated campaigns; his imagery has regularly been on Travelsmith catalog covers; and his award winning graphic author portraits are covers for Rizzoli’s classics. Beppe loves illustrating children’s books… his depictions of city noises for Clang Clang!, was just published by Simon & Schuster. Aside from illustrating, Beppe enjoyed 12 years of teaching at the European Institute of Design and always makes time for sculpting from knick-knacks and pieces of wood he finds along his walks.

© All images courtesy the artist

[more Beppe Giacobbe | artist found at red-lipstick]

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Ernest Zacharevic (Lithuania/Malaysia)

Lithuanian artist Ernest Zacharevic turns the corners of towns into a brilliant series of interactive murals. He first creates a setting mixing paint and real objects in an ordinary alley, then invites people to interact with this scene and takes pictures of their propositions. The goal is to guarantee the consistency between the setting and the participant to make the scene as lively as possible. Since Zacharevic was given the mission to embellish the Malay city of Penang, he settled there and spread his participative art through the run down streets of the city. His interactive murals have become a landmark in Malaysia. (cf. Street art community)

© All images courtesy of the artist

[more Ernest Zacharevic | artist found at actegratuit]

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Gato Del Cielo

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laura w.
Ballerina at the Jacobs School of Music
Bloomington, Indiana - June, 2014

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Miyoko Ihara

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Fred Calmets

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Newport Beach, California

Pentax 6x7 / Kodak Portra 160

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the Liu Dao Collective 六岛, “Listener’s Discretion Advised” (2014)

RGB LED display, acrylic, paper collage.


Editor’s note: Please click through the link to get a fuller sense of this work! It’s animated.
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Drawings by Chamo San | Instagram | Tumblr